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Canadian State of the Union: The Real Pierre Trudeau:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Real Pierre Trudeau:


Sunday, 22 February 2009 stu 15h20

Re: The Real Pierre Trudeau: Father of Canada's Permissive Society


On 3 October 2000, managing director of, Steve Jalsevac, referred to Canada's federal Charter of Wrongs, observing that "Thanks to Pierre Trudeau our Canadian democracy has been crippled by this ball and chain that will be very difficult to remove."

In that regard, I am pleased to report the following news. Mr. Trudeau's Charter is an illegal amendment to the British North America Act, 1867. It is therefore null and void. Its illegality consists in part in the fact that it alters the lawful Constitution, originally called the British North America Act, 1867, by amongst other things limiting the powers of Parliament and of the Legislatures.

Point #1: In 1931, the Statute of Westminster legally conferred independence, that is, national sovereignty, upon Canada. All that remained was for Canadians to find an amending formula to slightly adjust the Constitution from time to time.

Point #2: In 1931, the Statute of Westminster also expressly protected the Constitution of Canada, by prescribing as follows:

7. (1) Nothing in this Act [the Statute of Westminster] shall be deemed to apply to the repeal, amendment or alteration of the British North America Acts, 1867 to 1930, or any order, rule or regulation made thereunder.

Point #3: As a result, neither Mr. Trudeau nor Canadian Parliament had any authority or power even to ask the United Kingdom to add the Charter, which very markedly repeals, amends and alters the powers of Canadian Parliament and of the Legislatures, prescribed by the British North America Act, 1867 and therefore damages Canadian Constitutional democracy.

Point #4: In 1981, under Mr. Trudeau, the Governor in Council directed a reference to the Supreme Court of Canada known as the "Patriation reference". The questions dictated by the Trudeau government and imposed upon the Supreme Court in a political and advisory capacity having no connection with the functions of a real court, did not include the fundamental question: "Has Canada the authority and power to repeal, amend and alter the British North America Act, 1867 by adding to it this federal Charter?"

Absent this question, all other questions, including those self-servingly asked by the Trudeau government, were and are irrelevant, and the Supreme Court in answering, did nothing to legalize what is fundamentally illegal, notwithstanding the unsubstantiated assertion of a majority that the Charter, as imposed by the Canada Act, was in fact legal. Moreover, under the statutory terms of the reference, the Supreme Court, so-called, has no power to put its own questions. Therefore, that particular majority had no power to purport to answer a question that had not been asked, regardless that it should have been asked -- and that, only if the Reference jurisdiction were valid to begin with.

Point #5: The Supreme Court of Canada, when it sits on a reference, does not "rule" or "decide". It does not hand down a "judgment". It issues a non-binding opinion. The opinion of the Supreme Court of Canada in the 1982 Patriation reference is therefore not law; it is not a part of our Constitutional law. The voluntary adherence of government or anyone else to these mere opinions does not make them law.

The legality or illegality of the Charter as an amendment to the British North America Act, 1867 therefore remains to be determined by a competent court regularly seized of the question, accompanied by the full panoply of procedural safeguards, and subject to genuine appeal to a real appellate court.

Point #6: The reference jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Canada is an illegal jurisdiction not authorized anywhere in the British North America Act, 1867, which in fact prohibits it. This discovery was made but concealed from the public in the context of a reference to the Supreme Court of Canada in 1910 on the legality of the reference jurisdiction.

The Supreme Court's non-binding opinion in 1910 was then sent ludicrously for yet another non-binding view to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council of the United Kingdom in 1912.

The Judicial Committee itself had no jurisdiction, as its enabling statutes did not authorize it to hear appeals from Canadian-created references, and Canadian Parliament had no power under the BNA Act, 1867 to give jurisdiction to a board of another country, albeit that of the United Kingdom.

In 1910 and again in 1912, the Supreme Court of Canada and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council could find nothing in the British North America Act, 1867 which authorized Canadian Parliament to legislate into existence a judicial-ministerial board instead of the general court of appeal specifically authorized at s. 101 of the British North America Act, 1867.

The Supreme Court of Canada, despite its name, is therefore not a Court; it is a thing of a very different character combining inseverably both judicial and ministerial functions in one board. In effect, the 'general court of appeal' for Canada which s. 101 of 1867 authorized to be set up, and which is a pure court, not more, not less, has indeed never been set up.

In 1910 and again in 1912, judicial and political embarrassment were avoided when the Supreme Court of Canada (so-called) and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, 'upheld' (by non-binding opinion) the non-existent Canadian invention of a judicial-ministerial, unelected and therefore non-responsible and undemocratic quasi-ministerial jurisdiction.

The Judges then blithely continued to exercise a non-existent jurisdiction under a void statute in which they had been indulging since shortly after its attempted enactment by Canadian Parliament in 1875.

Neither the 1910 nor the 1912 'opinion' was a legal ruling, judgment or decision. And, neither was the 1998 opinion of the Supreme Court of Canada in the Quebec Secession Reference in any way a final legal determination of the constitutionality and thus of the legality of the Supreme Court's reference jurisdiction, which, once again, the Supreme Court itself presumed to legalize by self-pronouncement in a mere non-binding opinion in the context of its own void jurisdiction.

The legality of the reference jurisdiction still remains to be decided by a real court regularly seized of the subject matter. The only court capable of determining with finality the legality of the reference jurisdiction, and thus of the statute which purports to establish the Supreme Court of Canada in 1875, is a true "Constitutional" court of Canada, as prescribed by s. 96 et seq of the British North America Act, 1867.

The foregoing is to say that:

(a) Trudeau's Patriation reference was not a judgment, ruling or decision, and the legality of the Charter has thus never been submitted to lawful adjudication in a real court of law.

(b) The 1998 Supreme Court Reference re the Secession of Quebec is another absolute nullity, which is not and never was a judgment, ruling or decision. This opinion being a nullity issued from a void jurisdiction, the Clarity Act which purports to give legal effect to that opinion, as a tool to facilitate multiple secessions and the end of Canada, is itself a fraud, a lie, and an absolute nullity perpetrated by enemies of Canada detaining our governments.

And, moreover, notice: we would not need a Clarity Act to "give" legal effect, if the reference opinion itself already had legal effect.

Personal Rule of Pierre Trudeau and the Reference Board

Mr. Trudeau and others before him and after him have been undemocratically governing Canada by way of personal rule with the Supreme Court reference board for many decades, exhorting Canadians to obey these opinions, dictated by government, that is, by those detaining government and controlling the questions.

By evading direct questions that are fundamental, such as "Is the Charter a lawful amendment to the British North America Act, 1967?" And "Is secession legal in Canada?" they sidestep the real Constitution, thus diverting public debate away from pertinent facts into wrong channels.

In the end, by manipulating the reference bench, and avoiding the real courts, those detaining our governments are able to impose gross illegalities in the name of 'law'.

Canada's Communist Infiltrators

As for Mr. Trudeau and his friendship with Castro, please visit my web site, HABEAS CORPUS CANADA, at, in particular the GROUNDS page. In these paragraphs, and in three videos of mine and a newsletter attached to the 2008 Elections button, you will discover that:

(i) Trudeau, while Justice Minister under Lester Pearson in 1967, belonged to a secret committee of federal ministers and others, mostly from Quebec, run by Power Corporation.

(ii) That secret committee deliberately escalated radical separatism to break up Canada, and (iii) strategized the founding of the Parti Québécois by René Lévesque to consolidate the disparate separatist elements into a FRONT for imposing European-Union style institutions on Canada, disguised as Québec independence.

(iv) "Sovereignty Association" and its other euphemism under Jacques Parizeau, "Partnership" of Québec with the rest of Canada, is and always has been a scam to replace Confederation with an embryonic North American Union based on the European Union, which is a template for world government. There are currently EU-style unions (i.e., fledgling Soviet unions) in different stages of development on all the continents.

(v) The 1980 and 1995 referendums (illegal, by the way) to destroy Canada both failed.

Therefore, unlike Europeans, who have to some degree been acclimatized to what is coming, thanks to the progressively tightening rope around their necks, Canadians, and North Americans are about to be dragged cold-turkey and by force into a long-planned North American Union scheduled to be imposed between now and 2010.

Emergence of a Supranational Non-state Foreign Power

How could this be happening? Simply, Canada has had no lawful Constitutional government for decades. Our Prime Ministers have been and are the tools of supranational entities acting as a new kind of foreign power to dismantle our countries from within.

That supranational network includes but is not limited to: the Bilderberg group, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations. Prime Ministers of Canada who have been involved in Bilderberg include Lester B. Pearson, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Jean Chrétien, Paul Martin, Brian Mulroney, and Stephen Harper. And that's not counting members of all our Provincial executives, our academic and banking institutions and our press and media, all innoculated with the One-Party Policy of the self-appointed supranationals.

This is why we are getting North American Union, a step on the way to world union and communist world government. These men (and women) have been carrying out not the democratic will of their electorates, but the dictates of a supranational gang of self-appointed elites who have sown discord among us to impose what they long ago decided to impose, a one-world communist government of merged continental unions.

Trudeau and Levesque both espoused a one-world government. I will have information on that in my next web-site update.

Playing good cop/bad cop for public consumption, both men consciously abused the national sentiment of French-Canadians, and the outrage of English-speaking Canadians to drive a fatal wedge into Canada intended to destroy Confederation.

Moreover, Canada's FLQ terrorist organization was founded by Fidel Castro, to get the ball rolling on the breakup of Canada.

FLQ Assassination Ties To Model Parliament for North American

As early as 1963, an employee of Power Corporation, journalist Paul Rochon, working for La Presse newspaper, owned by Power through its affiliate Gesca, put up a $5000 bail bond to free one self-admitted FLQ terrorist, François Mario Bachand. Bachand then promptly vanished. He was executed some years later in Paris by a bullet to the head while in the close companionship of Louise Beaudoin and her husband. What Mr. Bachand did for his mentors to warrant such a brutal execution remains to be discovered.

However, Madam Beaudoin has since then had a flourishing Canadian career in both federal and provincial government, and notably sits, with her hands charmingly folded in her photograph, in the Model Parliament for North America being run and hosted by the North American Forum on Integration (NAFI) currently housed in offices on the University de Montréal campus, perhaps not coincidentally the same campus of Georges Schoeters, recruited by Fidel Castro on 27 April 1959 in Montreal to set up the FLQ terrorist group to promote the breakup of Canada.

I will be updating my web site in the next few weeks, please keep tuning in. Most importantly, please send Habeas Corpus Canada to your entire address book. Few Canadians are yet aware that North American Union is happening and those who do are little aware of what is really behind it.

Quebec Government Site Reverts to Constitutional Bilingualism

Update: I wish to note that those detaining the government of Quebec have recently (no doubt self-servingly) withdrawn the Spanish-language version of the Quebec government web site that had been online since at least 2002 and which I had exposed at Habeas Corpus Canada.

They have now shifted Spanish to the Quebec government's so-called "international" section. It would be a shame if during the next phoney referendum, a Spanish Quebec government web site tipped off the otherwise duped electorate to the incoming North American Union with Mexico.

I hope that my exposé of this earmark of incoming North American Union had something to do with their decision to revert to the French-English web site.

Provincial "Internationalism"

It should be noted that under the lawful Constitution, no province has any right to carry out treaties or international agreements. Encouragement from those detaining the federal government has resulted in a Province like Quebec developing international ties which closely resemble a string of Quebec "national" consulates or embassies.

This is all part and parcel of the criminal dismantling of Canada to set up a series of phoney independent states in place of provinces, so as to re-federate these new 'states' into North American Union, and then into planetary union, a final step that will permanently eliminate all of them them, except as geographic place-names.

And, thus, another item needs to be fixed in order to get back the one, united nation of Canada prescribed by the real Constitution: no treaties and no embassies for the Provinces.

Some Conclusions

Ensuing from the foregoing, I intend to challenge the legality of the Charter, and of the Supreme Court reference jurisdiction in the context of my legal proceedings in Habeas Corpus for Canada. Both are inextricably linked to the planned take-down of Canada, as will be demonstrated in my future legal proceedings, which will commence in the Federal Court of Canada and conclude in a Section 96 Court.

Thanks very much for your time, I appreciate it. Have a great day.

Kathleen Moore
Montreal, Canada
The Official Legal Challenge
to North American Union


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