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Canadian State of the Union: IF 50%+1 IS BINDING, THE "NO" WON IN 1995 !

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

IF 50%+1 IS BINDING, THE "NO" WON IN 1995 !

All that changes is the name. But it all means NORTH AMERICAN UNION.

"In both 1980 and 1995, Quebec showed a willingness to negotiate ... an association or partnership agreement with Canada once it became a sovereign state so that people, goods and capital could circulate freely between the two countries."

Source: "Brace for Referendum" - Letter to 1600 world leaders by GILLES DUCEPPE, Leader of the Bloc Québécois federal political party (Ottawa, 9 June 2010)

In the Huffington Post of 27 May 2011, Liberal Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Pierre Moreau is reported as saying that 50% + 1 vote is a binding outcome for the YES in a referendum for Quebec to "secede".

Moreau is no doubt referring to the "statute" linked here, which some call simply Quebec's "referendum law". It's NOT really a "referendum law," but let's pretend it is.

Its section 4 states:
"4. When the Québec people is consulted by way of a referendum under the Referendum Act (chapter C-64.1), the winning option is the option that obtains a majority of the valid votes cast, namely 50% of the valid votes cast plus one."

If 50%+1 is binding for the YES, then obviously, fairness dictates that it's binding for the NO. If it's binding NOW, it should always have been binding -- otherwise, it wouldn't be "fair", right? It would not be fair for a sore loser to constantly change the rules to WIN, right?

Well, in 1995, the NO was 50% + 54,288 votes, not counting over 86,000 NO ballots that were maliciously spoiled by election workers. That means, that if the referendums are legal (denied), the 1995 NO is BINDING, and Canada WINS.

According to CBC archives online:
"In the end, 50.58 per cent of Quebecers voted against the sovereignty question, or a total of 2,362,648 votes. The Yes side garnered 49.42 per cent, or a total of 2,308,360 votes.

• Just 1.16 per cent of the total vote - or 54,288 votes - separated the two sides. That's less than the capacity crowd for a CFL game at Montreal's Olympic Stadium."

Therefore, in 1995, the NO vote was binding and WON by NOT just the razor-thin 50% + 1, but by 50% + 54,288, which is 54,287 MORE than required by the QUEBEC referendum "law" to PUT A PERMANENT STOP TO THE ILLEGAL REFERENDUMS !!!

However, these illegal referendums are NOT about Quebec "seceding", they are about dissolving Canada for North American Union. On 30 April 2011, a few days before the May 2nd federal election, citizen-journalist ERIC GRANGER and camerawoman SOPHIE LE PAVOUX, captured GILLES DUCEPPE voluntarily admitting that what he wants for Quebec and Canada is a North American Union, based on "a good treaty" like they have in Europe:

Video: GILLES DUCEPPE WANTS A NORTH AMERICAN UNION (French with English subtitles)

However, as we know, North American Union has been openly underway since after 9/11 under the names of "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" and "Building a North American Community -- which former Ambassador to the USA Allan Gotlieb declared was the "provocative agent". Gotlieb said that prior to 9/11, nobody had "thought" of creating a North American Union. He was lying.

The Quebec referendums to "secede" have ALWAYS sought mandates to "negotiate" an EEC-EU-style UNION. René Lévesque called it "The Canadian Union" and "The Canadian Community", just as we now call it "The North American Union" and "The North American Community". The only thing that changed with Parizeau in 1995 was the NAME of the game. He called it "Sovereignty Partnership" -- which is more like the "Security and Prosperity Partnership". But they all come down to the same thing. The Quebec referendums to "secede" are a seditious and illegal scam to force Canadians to accept the EU system in place of Confederation, using a threat of Quebec "secession" as blackmail to get the job done.

When both the 1980 and 1995 phony referendums to "secede" had failed, 9/11 happened, throwing a US-controlled military perimeter around Canada, to begin the long-delayed vertical integration of Canada into the USA -- which would have begun a great deal sooner had those controlling the illegal referendums had their way. Faced with repeated failures to force Quebec to 'secede' into the EEC-EU system, it was the elites' desire for North American Union that became the "provocative agent" for 9/11.

The supranational elites and the multinational corporations have ALWAYS exploited Quebec as their intended "wrecking ball" to take down Canada for a regional continental union modeled on the EU. There are EU-style unions forming on all the continents -- conveniently spreading the same laws, the same form of government, the same trade and monetary policies, and the same non-democratic controls -- ALL IN THE SAME TINY CIRCLE OF ELITE HANDS -- all across the world.

This is world government forming, and they will not stop hammering on Quebec because they need Quebec to trigger the political dismantling of Canada, and thus of North America, to complete the structural integration that began with Free Trade and NAFTA, which were BOTH responses to the FAILED referendum to "secede" of 1980. In other words, when the referendums fail to integrate the EEC-EU horizontally across Canada at a single blow, VERTICAL, continental integration proceeds via fake accords like Free Trade and NAFTA, pending a final referendum to "secede" in order to complete the continental union.

That union, sought since well before 1980, and planned since well before the Treaty of Rome was signed in Europe in 1957 -- see the 1941 Gomberg map of world unions ( was fast-tracked by the SPP on the pretext of 9/11.

Quebec secession + 9/11 = North American Union . . .


In the Brussels Journal of 27 February 2006, former Soviet dissident, Vladimir Bukovsky, pointed out that member nations of Europe had been forced to vote repeatedly for the Maastricht treaty. He said, "The people have to vote in referendums until the people vote the way that is wanted. Then they have to stop voting. Why stop? Let us continue voting." Said Bukovsky of the referendums, "It is a trick for idiots."

(Brussels Journal, 27 February 2006)

Well, now. If YES means "Quebec is a country" and then we stop voting, the NO has to mean "Canada is a country" and we also stop the voting.

I am hereby serving notice on the Quebec referendum riggers: WE ARE NOT IDIOTS.

The NO has won twice in illegal plebiscites in 1980 and 1995 to convert Canada by "treaty" into the basis of a North American Union. The NO is final. BOTH TIMES. Not because it's "democratic," but because it's UNCONSTITUTIONAL and high treason by parties attempting to use the public to cover their own acts of disloyalty and treachery.

Nor will NDP's Jack Layton trick us into "amending" the Constitution à la Charlottetown to get the same thing: "associate state" status to eradicate the Canadian provinces for the Marxist North American Union of the Rockefellers, Kissinger, Brzezinski, Soros, the Trilaterals, Bilderberg, and the Rhodes network including Power Corporation, the CFR, the CIC and the Queen-sanctioned RIIA in London, all working so hard for a one-world government. Kiss it goodbye, folks!

Canadians are onto the scam, and Habeas Corpus Canada is waiting for you.

Kathleen Moore
The Official Legal Challenge
To North American Union

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