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Canadian State of the Union: "SECEDE FOR THE VATICAN"

Thursday, September 2, 2010



Canada apparently has many enemies, the Roman Catholic Church among them. The Vatican, that is, the Pope, was instrumental in the destruction of the sovereign nation of SFRY Yugoslavia by using the "nation-state" status of Vatican City to "internationally recognize" a rebel component of the SFRY as a state. See:

"In 1993, the Pope Openly Embraced Kosovo Secession"

The Church is apparently deeply involved in the phony "secession" of Quebec. During 1997 "hearings" on the "Reference re the Secession of Quebec", amicus curiae (friend of the court) Joli-Coeur, tabled public statements of Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte. Some of those statements are mentioned in Hansard.

We know that the phony secession of Quebec is and has always really been intended to impose the EEC-EU system of government on this continent, a step toward world government. Can the Vatican be unaware of this scam? Hardly. Therefore, reasonable observers would have to think that the Vatican must be abusing French Canadians, as our politicians are, using them to destroy Canada for NAU and world government.

There have apparently been "Pope sightings" on the guest list of the Bilderberg. What is the Catholic Church planning to gain in the long-term from the wrack and ruin of the international system of nation states?

Here are a few examples of the Catholic Church pushing Quebec secession:


/ Mr. Michel Bellehumeur (Berthier—Montcalm, BQ):

/ 1035

However, Quebeckers have understood what is at stake. In the last several weeks, we have seen and heard men and women from every political background condemn the government for what it is trying to do. Since I have little time left, I will name only a few of them. Claude Ryan, chairman of the no committee during the 1980 referendum and former Leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec; Daniel Johnson, leader of the no committee in 1995 and present leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec; some senators, and among them Jean-Claude Rivest; former Conservative ministers, among them Monique Vézina; reporters who are not always on our side but who have vigorously condemned what the federal government is doing. There were also members of the church hierarchy, namely Mgr Blanchette, bishop of Rimouski; Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte, who delivered the same message, namely that "It is for Quebeckers to decide their own future."

[ ... ]

/ Ms. Jocelyne Girard-Bujold (Jonquière, BQ):


/ 1225

Other key figures like Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte, archbishop of Montreal, and Monseigneur Bertrand Blanchette, archbishop of the diocese of Rimouski, have said that the Supreme Court should not decide the future of the Quebec people, thus echoing the position taken by the bishops of Quebec and Canada in favour of self-determination, at the centennial of Confederation in 1967.

/ Mr. Yves Rocheleau (Trois-Rivières, BQ):

/ 1355

Think about Jean-Claude Rivest, Conservative senator and former special advisor to the Liberal premier, Mr. Bourassa, a federalist, who said at one point that never again would Quebec go through what it went through after Charlottetown. Think about André Tremblay, special constitutional advisor to Robert Bourassa in Charlottetown in 1992. Think about Cardinal Turcotte—and that tops it all—who, despite his very delicate functions, has had the courage to take a stand in this debate, knowing what kind of criticism he would draw because of that. Where does the Liberal Party of Canada stand in Quebec at this moment apart from the support it gets from Alliance Quebec? I would like my colleague from Beauce to respond to that.

This old Hansard, and in particular Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte's public statements supporting the illegal referendums "to secede", has inspired me to create some images on the subject.

My goal is to expose the essential hypocrisy, and cruelty of the Church urging French-Canadians to liberate themselves to destroy Canada for some blood-chilling share of power the Church may have in store for itself under a one-world government.

Kathleen Moore
The Official Legal Challenge
To North American Union


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